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Football Good; Baseball Bad
Mixed sports day: the SF Giants lost their first playoff game at home to Cincinnati.

On the college football front, though, things were great: #10 Florida beat #4 LSU, not allowing their opponents a TD for the second game in a row and holding LSU to only 9 first downs. Also good news was that rival FSU, #3 in the country coming in to their game against NC State, lost 17-16 after leading 16-0 at halftime! NC State's final drive started with only 2:27 left and no timeouts, and they converted three fourth downs. Given that #5 Georgia also lost, looks like UF will be movin' on up in the rankings. Go Gators!

Congratulations to randy_byers on Oregon's decisive win against Washington. (Still the ugliest uniforms in college football, though :-> )

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